How to Be Single (and love it)

I consider myself an expert in very few things – ruining my life, putting it back together, binge-watching tv series, binge-eating whilst watching tv series, making a kick ass cheese board, eating said cheese board and most importantly, I am an expert in the art of being single. If you’re thinking that being single isn’t an art, you’re mistaken. Now, before I get into the nitty … Continue reading How to Be Single (and love it)

Social Media: Why You Should Stop Caring So Much

We live in an era where people strive to show the best parts of themselves online so that is all we see. I know so many people that are so focused on the life they are portraying on their Instagram page that they are oblivious to what is happening in the life they are actually living. They are more focused on getting the perfect photo than actually having a good time. 

It isn’t healthy and it needs to stop. So I’m calling it. Social media is making us care too much about what other people think. Continue reading Social Media: Why You Should Stop Caring So Much

Travelling Europe: 5 Survival Tips

I recently returned from two months travelling Europe. I know, cue jealousy. Its become almost a rite of passage for every single young person in Australia to escape winter and flee to the European summer. However, there were quite a few things I wish I had done differently. Whilst I had an amazing time, I did come back in quite a bit of debt, with … Continue reading Travelling Europe: 5 Survival Tips